Leading Self

Before being able to lead others effectively, it is vital that a leader is able to first lead him or herself.



Core Competencies

Ethics and Trust

Build a culture of ethics, values and trust that inspires transformational results.

Emotional Intelligence for Self and Relationship Mastery

Understand and manage one’s personality and build respectful and trusting relationships across diverse situations.

The Power of Professional Presence: Boosting Your Influence and Credibility

Professional communication techniques that build professional presence and delivery tools for dynamic presentations.

Identifying and Developing Your Style

Build the skills to understand and manage one’s personality in order to enhance self-awareness, improve communication and reduce conflict.

Social Responsibility and Ethical Leadership

Thinking beyond one’s self-interest to create a better department, organization, society and world for self and others.

The Power of Focus; Boosting Personal Productivity (also online)

Components of productivity for a greater capacity to plan and manage personal workflow.

Understanding Your Role

Learn what it means to transition from individual contributor to leader within an organization.

*All modules are customizable and can be tailored to fit all levels of leadership.

Learning Outcomes: 

  • Increase self-awareness
  • Develop adaptability and innovation
  • Manage yourself
  • Lead with purpose
  • Exemplify integrity and respect


Common Additions to modules

A structure to support learning outcomes, skill building, targeted individual and cross-functional development.


Individual Development Planning

  • The compilation of a leadership focused individual development plan that summarizes learning from the emerging leader curriculum.


Senior Leadership Involvement

  • Involvement and sponsorship from key leadership including design and co-facilitation where applicable in curriculum.


Action Learning Project

  • Cross-functional team-based action learning projects tied to organizational strategic initiatives, including intersession activities, assignments, webinars and social media where appropriate.


Individual Coaching and Development

  • Targeted individual development plans mapped to competency gaps, key performance indicators and the specific departmental goals.


Leadership in Action Toolkits and Sessions

  • Toolkits and Learning Sessions embedded in the program or offered one to three months after the completion, to program participants to reinforce the learning from core modules.


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