Leading the Organization

Leadership at this level requires leaders who can show agility, strengthen relationships and balance competing priorities.



Core Competencies

Leading Change

Anticipate, adapt and shape organizational processes to ensure sustained competitive advantage.

Finance for Non-financial Managers

Influence key business decisions based on a sound understanding of the financial drivers.

Finance for Business Decisions

Develop basic understanding of senior-level financial concepts.

Succession Management for Business Success (also online)

Process of identification, assessment and development of talented individuals as they move through the organization.

Creating an Employer of Choice Workplace

Key factors that create an employer of choice, analyzing cultural implications

Measuring & Improving Processes

Measure process performance and determine the stability, capability, and flexibility of your processes.

Strategic Project Management

Select and successfully execute high-impact projects.

Controlling Project Risks & Costs

Control the budget and respond to uncertain events.

Managing Project Teams

Create and sustain high-performing project teams.

Process Mapping and Analysis

Beyond functional activities to rediscover core processes.

Quality Improvement: Process Management and Program Management

Drive results and quality improvement throughout an organization.

Strategic Thinking and Execution

Knowledge of industry and trends to formulate and communicate a clear vision of the future.

Leading for Peak Performance: A Leadership Practicum

Positively impact the organization’s performance through applied leadership skills.

Innovation and Creative Thinking

Drive the creation of unique products, services, and processes resulting in distinct sustainable advantage.

*All modules are customizable and can be tailored to fit all levels of leadership.

Learning Outcomes

  • Lead change
  • Problem-solving
  • Manage decisions and work
  • Influence others
  • Set a vision and strategy


Common Additions to Modules


Individual Development Planning

  • The compilation of a leadership focused individual development plan that summarizes learning from the emerging leader curriculum.

Senior Leadership Involvement

  • Involvement and sponsorship from key leadership including design and co-facilitation where applicable in curriculum.

Action Learning Project

  • Cross-functional team-based action learning projects tied to organizational strategic initiatives, including intersession activities, assignments, webinars and social media where appropriate.

Individual Coaching and Development

  • Targeted individual development plans mapped to competency gaps, key performance indicators and the specific departmental goals.

Leadership in Action Toolkits and Sessions

  • Toolkits and Learning Sessions embedded in the program or offered one to three months after the completion, to program participants to reinforce the learning from core modules.

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