Leading Others

Leading others successfully, means becoming the leader others will trust and want to follow.




Core Competencies

Transformational Leadership

Assess various leadership styles, serving as a primer for understanding the tenets of transformational leadership.

Feedback, Coaching and Mentoring: The Heart of the Leadership Process

Practice delegation and develop the ability to positively influence and coach others.

Effective Communication

Effectively and efficiently conduct challenging conversations and utilize communication skills to enhance cooperation and teamwork.

Handling Differences: Managing Workplace Conflict (also online)

Identify and practice different modes of dealing with conflict.

Mutual Accountability

Skills to facilitate, communicate and foster mutual accountability throughout the organization.

Leading Sales Teams

Techniques to increase sales effectiveness, cross-selling and how to address the needs of customers.

Building Highly Effective Teams (also online)

Utilize strategies for building successful teams.

Managing Performance

Primary drivers of performance and the key elements of performance management.

Managing Time and Stress in the Workplace

Techniques to help navigate shifting priorities generated by work and life events.

Diversity and Inclusion

Best practices related to diversity, inclusion and compliance issues in the workplace.

The Art of Teamsmanship®

A rare combination of teamwork and leadership that energizes a work group to accomplish extraordinary things.

Customer Service Excellence

Factors to identify and anticipate customer’s expectations.

Achieving Sales Mastery

Practical sales skills and knowledge immediately applicable to work.

*All modules are customizable and can be tailored to fit all levels of leadership


Learning Outcomes

  • Manage teams and resources effectively
  • Develop others
  • Communicate and collaborate effectively
  • Build and maintain relationships   
  •  Strategically influence

Common Additions to modules

Individual Development Planning

  • The compilation of a leadership focused individual development plan that summarizes learning from the emerging leader curriculum.

Senior Leadership Involvement

  • Involvement and sponsorship from key leadership including design and co-facilitation where applicable in curriculum.

Action Learning Project

  • Cross-functional team-based action learning projects tied to organizational strategic initiatives, including intersession activities, assignments, webinars and social media where appropriate.

Individual Coaching and Development

  • Targeted individual development plans mapped to competency gaps, key performance indicators and the specific departmental goals.

Leadership in Action Toolkits and Sessions

  • Toolkits and Learning Sessions embedded in the program or offered one to three months after the completion, to program participants to reinforce the learning from core modules.

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