Learning Resources

The University of Florida Executive Education will work with you to design creative learning solutions that meet your training needs. Listed below are examples of supplemental resources and tools, that can be implemented into your training and development program for greater interest and impact. 

Consultation Services

UF Executive Education offers consultative services designed to generate creative ideas and thoughtful discussions that will focus on organizational strategy, leadership development, and growth.

UF Executive Education will work with the organization's leaders to:

  • Collaborate on the process for effective content delivery
  • Collectively find solutions for problem areas or perceived weaknesses
  • Bring technical expertise with real-world experiences to advise on solutions
  • Provide a needs assessment to identify gaps
  • Follow-up and evaluate to determine the success of learning, implementation, and application in the workplace. 


Simulations are fundamental to education and provide opportunities to demonstrate and experiment with real world situations that may not be practical in a workplace setting.

UF Executive Education can provide simulations that include interactive game board activities, case studies, and computer-based situations that can be tailored to fit the needs of your organization.

Hybrid Programs

UF Executive Education Hybrid Programs provide challenging and engaging learning experiences that combine onsite training with online learning.  This combination provides the best of both worlds - flexibility in scheduling and completing training activities online and collaborative engagement with peers onsite.

Action Learning Project (ALP)

The Action Learning Project allows participants to demonstrate proficiency of the knowledge and tools received throughout a training program and to provide application in problem solving and solution development for real world case studies specific to the organization. 

Participants work in teams to address a specific challenge or opportunity within their organization.  Teams will present their projects with the expectation that their ideas will be evaluated for implementation or further study.

Leadership Academy

The Leadership Academy is customized to your specifications.  The structure and duration are designed to meet your goals and objectives as well as allow participants the opportunity to apply their learning experiences to on-the-job situations.

The structure of the Academy includes but is not limited to:

  • Pre-work activities completed before the onsite training begins
  • Onsite training (duration from half-day to two days as applicable)
  • Online training modules; to be worked on between onsite training
  • Team presentations that summarize learnings or team project
  • Close out the Leadership Academy with final training and graduation ceremony. 

Leading Edge Business Theatre

The Leading Edge Business Theatre uses the training tools and forms of the theatre to teach leadership and communication principles.  This group of professional actors, writers, and experienced teachers offers a creative way to learn and embrace business concepts and issues that are important to your organization.

Using improvisation, role playing, scene building and other theatre techniques, Leading Edge addresses, in real time, topics such as Emotional Intelligence, Diversity and Inclusion, Team Development, and Communication.  Bring a sense of “play” and “fun” to your development initiatives and build a Leading Edge “one scene at a time”.